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Kurei Shuhou -- is a jounin-level kunoichi of Sunagakure and a member of the Shuhou Clan. After recovering from a strange blood disease as a child, Kurei was assigned to Team Daisaku and started on a path to prove her worth to herself and her family. During her genin days, and due to her rare Water Release in the desert, the young kunoichi was recruited to the Mizugame Ryodan, where she thrived seeking out water for the village. Kurei's creation of the Toxic Ninja Art, as well as her various poison jutsu's, quickly gained her the moniker Suna no Doku Ibara (する の どく イばら ; lit. The Poison Barb of the Sand) as well as Chimei Dokuyaku Ken no Kurei (Kurei of the Fatal Poison Dart). Shortly after her promotion to chunin, Kurei learned that her family had lost track of her eldest sister, Uiiki, while taking on their clans biggest and most challenging trial, Kami no Kado (ネ申 門 lit. Gate of Gods). Kurei chases after her sister in order to bring her home but in doing so enters into the trials herself, which has a major impact on her personality and outlook on the world going forward. Sometime after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurei is promoted as the Supervisor of the Mizugame Ryodan. Years after the War she marries the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, and the pair start a family together. 

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Name Meaning: Ku means "Nine", Rei means "Expression of Gratitude", Shuhou means "Battery/Armament"
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Pronunciation: Shoe-hoe ; Cuu-ray
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Birthday: October 21st (Libra)
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Age: 
  • Part I: 13-14 
  • Part II17-18
  • The Last: 19-20
  • Part III: 24-25 
  • Chapter 700Z: 31-32
  • Next Generation: 41-42
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Gender: Female
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Height: 
  • Part I: 142.34 cm (4'6") 
  • Part II: 149.62 cm (4'9") 
    • Due to the underdeveloped nature of her body, Kurei does not grow any more past the age of 15. 
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Weight: 
  • Part I: 29.35 kg (64.7 lbs) 
  • Part II: 37.97 kg (83.6 lbs) 
  • Pregnancy: 60.32 kg (132.9 lbs)
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Blood Type: O+ (OO)


Kurei is quite a bit shorter than average, even for her age and sex, standing at roughly 4'9". She is also a major lightweight, coming in at just a little over 80 lbs. Neither are very big hang-ups with Kurei, she's funsized and proud of it! While her limbs are long and her overall body structure is willowy, given her size, a large opponent with distinctively developed overall physical capabilities will easily trounce Kurei. Taijutsu and kenjutsu specialists have an upper hand against this kunoichi, as well. That is though, if they can catch her. 

Her body has it's feminine curves, yet, the years in the hospital did take a toll on her overall development. From her mothers side of the gene pool, Kurei is small boned, but she did not develop out much past her initial puberty. Leaving her with a 32 A bust and small hips. However, her smaller breasts allow for more proactive movement and less problems than her more endowed counterparts. Kurei is quite thankful that she doesn't have the hassle of a larger chest. 

She does have trouble trying to gain and lose weight, pointing to a problem with her metabolism - and has neither lost nor gained a substantial amount of weight since around age 15. It takes quite a bit of work to get rid of her 'baby fat' after pregnancy. Kurei has the physique and shape of an adult, she is merely petite and slight and perfectly happy that way. 

Being the practical sort, Kurei keeps her silky mocha hair cut short; it is often pulled away from her face by some sort of hair accessory. Due to her illness as a child, her hair - and nails - take longer to grow than would be considered normal. Interestingly, the longer her hair gets, the curlier it becomes, thanks to her mother and father's natural curls and flips; it drives Kurei crazy! 

Height aside, her most distinctive trait are her eyes. She has what is called central heterochromia, where her forest green eyes have a ring of muted purple around the pupil. At the corner of her deep set eyes is a small triangular tattoo. Her eyebrows, like those of her clan mates, are large and rounded.

She's a tomboy at heart and chooses what you might call 'sporty' clothing to express herself. Kurei keeps her clothes simple and tries to use lightweight fabrics and materials to keep from slowing her down. Since her genin days, she has worn a set of standard Suna arm protectors which have been modified to hold a set of five senbon shooters underneath. Kurei uses these with relish to snipe from favorable hiding spots. Kurei keeps her legs bound with thick straps (sandals, bandages, or otherwise) to support her knees and ankles from the abuse of moving at such high speeds. As Kurei gets older, she finds both have been worn down and, eventually, she has to retire from ninja life.

--- Eyes ---
  • --- Deep set and not nearly as wide as most of her age group, giving her a mature and often serious or maternal look.
  • --- Thick lashes 
  • --- Triangular clan tattoo at bottom corner of each eye
  • --- Dual Heterocromia, dusky green with a muted purple ring around a small pupil
--- Eyebrows ---
  • --- Like the rest of her clan, her eye brows are large and rounded
--- Hairstyle ---
  • --- Short (cut short at the back, falling longer in the front), blunt, angular cut with a long bang in middle of face
  • --- Straight when short but will slightly curl as it grows longer
  • --- Silky and smooth
--- Skin ---
  • --- Healthy, light olive color, tans easily
  • --- Thin, easily bruises
  • --- Well maintained
  • --- Freckles oh shoulders and back may appear with extended sun exposure
--- Nose ---
  • --- Roman/aquilian 
--- Face ---
  • --- Oval, lightly angular, and feminine 
  • --- Strong, proud jaw
--- Cup Size ---
  • --- 32 A
--- Accessories --- 
  • --- A rotund clay bottle with a substantial wooden cork. The surface is rough with obvious wear but it is sturdy and Kurei trusts in it absolutely. It's almost half her size. The jug is adorned with  two large seals to fix the weight and allow the jug to hold more water than it typically could, as well as a thick woven rope-belt to allowed it to be carried comfortable on the back.
  • --- May also have small white or orange hair clips to manage bangs.
--- Makeup --- 
  • --- None
--- Scent --- 
  • --- A soft floral scent with a misty undertone, like a spring rain.


Kurei is a personable and responsible person, known for her serious demeanor and impressive intelligence - albeit also known for her perfectionistic tendencies and often blunt delivery. Most people know her as being a busy, hardworking, and efficient individual whose focus and determination is both respected and feared. When she wants something it isn't hard for anyone to imagine her succeeding, she knows how to manipulate people and situations to produce the most favorable outcome and often times is seen as being several steps ahead of everyone else, a trait which is both a help and hindrance in her personal and professional life. 

Kurei does her best to maintain an open, warm, and amiable attitude no matter the circumstance, becoming an inviting and safe person to confide in and be around. She isn't one who is easily daunted nor swayed by the opinions of external forces, preferring to form her own opinions only after experiencing or researching something in great detail. Kurei is of the mind that one must experience things for themselves before they can ever know the truth of any situation. Should they not be aware of said situation it is in best interest that they not bother to announce their opinions. She appreciates the simple things in life, preferring to go about with as little drama and conflict as possible. Kurei is a kind, attentive, and fierce women with an old, and rather spunky, soul. Though, occasionally, her dark sense of humor and penchant for psychological mind games can get the better of her. 

Confident and able to inspire, Kurei has displayed a strong sense of leadership and understanding for who she is and has, thusly, cultivated an impressive variety of supporters, contacts, acquaintances, and close friends. While also having shown a need to be in control and not afraid of inserting her opinion when she believes to have the superior plan, even if it should counter higher authority. She is an uncompromising individual when it comes to her morality and will not turn away from or change herself for anyone no matter the cost. She has an honest perspective on life and is straightforward, never mixing words, and works hard to keep a level head in even the most exacerbating situations. Above all, Kurei is known to be incredibly supportive of others while encouraging them to find themselves. Often by helping them push their boundaries to prove that growth is often in experiencing that which makes you uncomfortable. 

As a child Kurei was introduced to a very competitive environment which shaped her need for perfection in everything she does and gave her a thirst to make a name for herself. This also left her with a wide variety of fears centered around being rendered useless or obsolete or unneeded and, eventually, being forgotten. Kurei has always enjoyed being entrusted with responsibilities, to feel she is needed is of utmost importance to her. As such she highly detests having her skills and/or understanding called into question, taking it as a person affront which needs immediate reprimand. She very much enjoys being a bit of a smartass when underestimate by proving just how worthwhile her contributions are. Kurei is terribly proud and protective of her loved ones, as well as her freedom, often becoming viciously over-protective if someone should threaten either. She has a rather strong mean streak when pushed to her limits, as she has proven to be quick to hold a grudge, often seeing justice against transgressors laid out by use of her personal social network.

She is a practical and impressive tactician with a very sharp wit and indomitable instincts - which she follows to the letter. She isn't afriad to make a retreat if it means getting to have a second or third go at the problem. During missions, Kurei is often looked to for opinions and leadership. While she does hold herself with a good deal of professionalism and is good at executing orders as they are given, she is not afraid to question methods and offer better alternatives should she find some. Kurei will not hesitate to defend the innocent and the weak and does not put up with bullshit well, having a very good radar to detect it (and right hook to snuff it out). 

--- Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies (And Other Info) ---


Kurei's Headcanon Meme

  • --- Poison Making and Antidote Creation
    • Stemming from an early introduction, Kurei was fascinated by the properties and uses of poison. So much so, that she sought out to create her own fighting style revolving around toxins. She started out with very basic, low-potency venoms. Injecting and ingesting them to further her immensities. After great study on types of toxic plants, Kurei set up a small garden and began to breed new hybrid species all her own (the best part about this is, it makes it twice as hard to create an antidote to the hybrids poisons). After moving out of her childhood home, Kurei began chemically engineering more potent poisons and focusing on bacterial manipulation under the guidance of Dr. Yamawaki. 
    • Due to her study, application, and wild success with her Toxic Ninja Art, many villages have sought Kurei out and requested specially made poisons in exchange for toxic substances native to the village. Kurei turns down more than half of the requests unless she is asked to make antidotes. She just doesn't want her own brand of poison to be used against her people in any way. She enjoys the challenge of trying to replicate poisons she gets from other countries and has an extensive list of antidotes at the ready.
    • Due to her constant exposure, Kurei has an interesting sixth sense and can detect when a poisonous substance is around her. Sometimes even able to guess what kind given certain properties. 
    • Not every poison in Kurei extensive collection has an antidote. Rule of thumb is, if she uses one such poison, there probably wont be anything left to save anyway. 
  • --- Cultivating Cacti
    • During her time making hybrid plants, Kurei stumbled onto cacti and fell in love with the plant. She started working on a variety which would hold poisonous chakra then release it's needles when triggered. Kurei then collects the needles and uses them in place of traditional senbon, either for throwing or shooting. 
    • Later she started breeding differently colored cacti flowers with the intention of giving them to friends and family. Once Kurei found out Gaara, likewise, enjoyed the cultivation and care of cacti, they began to work together. A colorfully bloomed cacti -looking like it had bloomed a flower crown- was her first present to Gaara. 
    • During the years where they were unable to produce children of their own, Kurei and Gaara spent time hybridizing cacti to produce new types of edible fruit for the village. These became as precious as babies to the young couple. 
    • Kurei has worked hard to find rarer species to show him and thrives in the smiles and looks of awe Gaara gives when she succeeds. 
  • --- Gardening
    • Kurei's passion with her poisons led her to a passion of gardening and tending to flowers and various greenery. It's a very soothing and relaxing thing, plus flowers don't demand anything but a little attention and gentle affection. 
    • Kurei took a job helping tend to the greenhouses in her genin years. Working, once again, along side her mother, Toge, to help irrigate the plants. 
    • Likewise, she tends to various desert gardens around Sunagakure and helps with the irrigation there. 
    • The one in the home she and her husband share is filled with vibrant and rare desert specimens. The one at the Kage manor is stocked with many sweet smelling plants which, in theory, help to calm and sooth the generally high-tension environment.
    • Kurei has a summon contract with bees through the Suna Garden Committee and uses them to help with the pollination and cross-breeding of cactus and various plants in hers and Suna's gardens.
    • Kurei very much enjoys spending time pollinating the plants, taking great care to keep her tools clean and in good shape so she doesn't hurt the fragile plants. She is known to be very OCD about the state and placement of said tool throughout the various greenhouses and has no qualms calling someone out for not putting everything back properly. 
  • --- Paper Work with Gaara
    • This first started when Kurei volunteered to help Gaara back when he first became Kazekage. They would spend ample time around one another trying to get everything sorted and settled from the previous administration. Working together became a bonding ritual. They would often exchange information about themselves above the soft rustling of paper and familiar pattern of the day. Kurei often got to the Kage office early to ensure that things would be in order and ready for the Kazekage when he arrived, especially on days when she was off on a mission or working with the Mizugame Ryodan. During her retirement Kurei is still very active in assisting her husband in the office, though she spends much more time perched on the edge of Gaara's desk or in his lap. 
  • --- Watching Sunsets/Sunrises
    • There were very few days where Kurei didn't watch a sunset turn into a sunrise when working with Gaara in the office. These were the times where they would grab a quick snack, something to drink, and make their way to a high roof top where they would watch the sky change colors until it was inky black or bright blue. Many of their dates were marked by a sunrise or sunset. Kurei loves the way the colors melt across the sky sometimes like a fire licking the expanse of the horizon, and sometimes like a rainbow, with hues and bands of vibrant and glorious color stretching across the horizon. Kurei is willing to drop almost anything to watch and admire and share the moment with someone special.
  • --- Strategy Games
    • Due to her clan's love of politics and stress on tactical skills, it's no surprise to find the Shuhou have a vast love of strategy games. It is highly important to the clan, both as a familial unit and to teach responsibility for ones actions, by introducing board games at a young age. When things get too stressful, or there is a problems she just can't solve, Kurei retreats to her quite place and pulls out a game or two and lets the world melt away as she contemplates. Often, she gets so focused on her own internal monologue as she plays that she is quite startled when the game is already at it's conclusion. When on the battlefield it is not uncommon for Kurei to absently comment like she would with a board game. Kurei is a pretty good sport about loosing but is extremely competitive regardless and always aims to win, even if it's a close one. "A win is a win by any margin". 
      • Kurei played a japanese multi-player board game, Jinsei Game (version of Life), but a ninja-fied version, where players start as toddlers and grow up to choose different ninja paths (anbu, kage, ect). It's a bit bittersweet because many people fears Kurei would die young an never get to experience shinobi life. 
      • A few other games she likes are Mahjong, Hijara, Sugoroku, Janggi, Oware (personal favorite), Liubo. 
      • Whenever they can, Kurei and her siblings love to play Tsuro.
  • --- Astronomy 
    • Kurei has a vast knowledge about the constellations in the night sky and knows how to travel by their patterns thanks to the years of study done by the Shuhou Clan. She loves telling the mythology of said constellations to the children of Suna. For fun, Kurei sometimes dresses up in ornate robes, taking on the roll of the mysterious 'Oracle' or 'Otsuge-san'. When Gaara has a hard time sleeping, Kurei often open the window in the roof of his room and tells him stories about the mythos of the constellation until he falls asleep.
--- Sayings ---
  • Her favorite phrase is “One life, One Encounter” (一期一会) and “Spilt water will not return to the tray” (覆水盆に帰らず).
--- Ambition/Lifelong Dream ---
  • To increase the Mizugame Ryodan's prowess and ensure the longevity of her village.
--- Good Habits --- 
  • --- Remarkable memory, once seen or heard Kurei can recall registered facts with a few simple cues.
  • --- Amiable, charismatic, and easy going, able to get along with the majority of people and fit into a variety of social situations. 
  • --- Analytically minded, a strong leader, and impressive tactician, highly attentive to details 
  • --- Strong will and force of character, Kurei is not easily daunted nor swayed by opinions of external forces
  • --- Knows who she is and what she wants, willing to work and exert the effort to get where she wants to go, never compromise her morals or who she is for anyone.
  • --- Clever, with a quick mind and wit, known for her cool head and logical pattern of thought, good common sense
  • --- Practical and reliable, known to be very supportive and encouraging of others
  • --- Has an honest perspective on life and is straightforward
  • --- Very punctual and just hates nothing more than to be late or tardy
  • --- Is very direct with her speech and does mix words
--- Bad Habits ---
  • --- Prideful and a major perfectionist
  • --- Excessively competitive / seeks competition
  • --- Critical of the details and quality of things
  • --- Bad habit of picking things apart when upset, over canalizes situations
  • --- Dark sense of humor and cruel psychological player when pushed beyond her limits  
  • --- Has a tendency to overwork herself and not properly take care of her heath and body, mostly through forgetting to eat or not getting enough sleep
  • --- Terribly protective of her loved ones and her freedom, will resist any and all attempts of irrational limitation concerning her freedom
  • --- Will hold a grudge and seek to get justice against those who harm her loved ones or the innocent (if she were a billionaire she would be a vigilantly *nods*)
  • --- Does like the sound of her own voice, can be a bit of a know-it-all
  • --- Can often come across as being blunt and overly direct
--- Mannerisms ---
  • --- Eye contact is very important to Kurei and it always makes her suspicious when people can not meet her eye
  • --- Gesticulates with her hands A LOT, her entire clan are hand talkers due to their boisterous manner and boundless amounts of energy
  • --- Nail biter, when the situation gets too stressful Kurei's nails often get the brunt of the punishment
  • --- Crosses arms whenever idle or waiting
  • --- Often closes her eyes when planning/contemplating things, either when alone or on the job. it's never a good idea to disturb Kurei when in her 'thinking mode', as it often only accomplishes her striking out at the unfortunate individuals
  • --- Very expressive with her eyebrows, when they disappear into her hairline, you know you're in trouble!

--- Coping Mechanisms ---
  • --- When feeling scared or anxious, Kurei finds a quite and secluded place to complete a serious of breathing exercises in order to calm and focus the mind.
  • --- If these fail, Kurei often seeks out the physical presents of someone she loves. When a child it was her mother or sister, Uiiki. As she gets older it becomes friends such as Risu and Temari. Later on Gaara becomes her main source of comfort. Kurei doesn't necessarily need to be physically touching someone, but is the quickest way to calm her down.
  • --- If pensive, lethargic, or largely distracted, Kurei will summon Ikui to hold in her arms and pet.
  • --- When mad Kurei divorces herself from everyone and goes to take her frustrations out on training dummies. Afterward she generally curls up on her bed and cocoons the covers around her to brood or wallow.
  • --- When sad, Kurei finds a place to cry out her sadness until she falls asleep or fixes the problem with said good cry. Rarely will she openly cry in front of others.
  • --- When riled up, it's bad to try and get Kurei to talk, instead, she appreciates a hug or gentle physical pressure to let her know she's not alone and that there are people waiting for her.
  • --- Kurei is very stubborn and it can take a lot to get her to calm down or open up, she knows this about herself but when emotionally rung out has very little want to correct the behavior. 
--- Likes ---
  • --- Being a bit of a smartass when underestimated, proving just how worthwhile her contributions are
  • --- People watching and dissecting their behaviors
  • --- Being correct and acknowledged
  • --- Watching the sky paint it's self with hues of red and orange and gold
  • --- Dancing in the rain and dancing in general
  • --- Being entrusted with responsibility and feeling like she is needed
  • --- Enjoys being busy/always having something to do
  • --- Physical affection with those she's close too, a strong pair of arms on a dark day
  • --- Socializing and being around others (extrovert)

--- Dislikes ---
  • --- Her skills or personal worth being called into question
  • --- Stupid/Ignorant people (relating to the above)
  • --- Only having so much time in the day, not able to get everything done when she wants to
  • --- Feeling unnecessary or as if she is in the way
  • --- Being told to 'take it easy', she can take it easy when she's dead thank you
  • --- Being teased or purposefully embarrassed
  • --- Being completely out of control of her body/mind/situation
  • --- Failure or not completing a project to 100% satisfaction (hers)

--- Color(s) ---
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite = Reds / Warm Colors, they remind her of home and warmth and hope.
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least favorite = No least favorite.

--- Season(s) --- 
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite = Spring , the rainy season in most other countries!!
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least favorite = Winter, Everything is dead/asleep and snow is FREEZING!

--- Time(s) of Day ---
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite = Evening, when everything starts to cool off and the sky changes colors.
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least favorite = Mid-day, it's hella hot in the desert when the sun it out.

--- Place(s) ---
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite = Greenhouses or around plants (specifically cacti) / Rooftops, to view the sky and feel tall
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least Favorite = Any place underground, any small/cramp space

--- Weather ---
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite = Overcast / rainy 
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least favorite = Snow, snow, and more snow

--- Flower(s) ---
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite: Saguaro Cactus Blooms
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least Favorite: Any variety of 'corpse flower', especially the Stapelia gigantea 

--- Creature(s) ---
Icon mood bubble -Happy- by RavesAngel Favorite = Bees and other high-pollination insects
Icon mood bubble -Upset- by RavesAngel Least favorite = Ticks and Pigs/Boars 

--- Attributions ---

Kurei's most notable traits are her cool head and logical train of thought. She can keep composed in a variety of situation, which is often heightened when others are otherwise freaking out or unsure of what to do. That is to say, the more pressure Kurei feels, the more stabilized she becomes. She is well known, and highly looked upon, for her impressive tactical prowess and sharp observational skills as well as her propensity for being a thorough and methodical planner.

Kurei has proven herself to be a clever and adaptable individual, a trust worth and inspiring leader, as well as an exceptional listener and secret keeper. Her oratorical prowess lends a persuasive and self-assured vibe to her already bold persona, giving her an edge in most everyday situations. She also has a knack for reading people, picking up on the subtlest of cues others tend to miss and accurately identifying sometimes obscure facts through study alone. Kurei has a very strong will and force of character, along with an amiable and charismatic demeanor, which makes her easy to get close to and trust. She thoroughly enjoys socializing with people and is incredibly generous with her possessions, time, and patience.

A very driven individual, Kurei is known for her dogged approach to her work and steadfast compliance of details. She prides herself on her wide range of knowledge. Mostly due to her nature of not appreciating being caught off guard or unawares, Kurei strives to gather as much trivia as possible and works to insure a wide breadth of topics come into her life. Kurei is good at not jumping to conclusions, instead wanting all the facts and figures before making an informed and intellectual decision. She is very much moved by her brain first and her emotions second, unless something extremely jarring surprises her. 

--- Limitations --- 

Kurei's most obvious weakness is her physical strength and capacity to take a hit, both which are below average for her age and sex. As poison typically thins the blood and prevents it from clotting normally, Kurei is prone to higher blood loss from wounds. It takes her a longer time frame to stop bleeding naturally and for her red blood cell count to regenerate. If the wound is severe enough, Kurei will push and solidify an amount of poison over/in the wound to stanch the bleeding. 

Her Toxic Ninja Art suffers greatly when faced with Fire nature jutsus as they can burn up the chemical within her poisons. Though, if a Toxic Ninja Art technique is earth based, and her chakra is equal to her opponents, they will cancel one another out. Lightning is also a major weakness as her Toxic Ninja Art is heavily water-based and she relies on Water Release as well, so double weakness. 

Kurei's Ageusia, loss of taste, prevents Kurei from enjoying meals so she has a tendency to skip them all together and make do with self-made food pills. This leads to a variety of unsavory circumstances, but she just has no love for food and it's a very uncomfortable topic for her to speak about with others.

Kurei is a naturally competitive person. Raised in a household which values outstanding individuals and their accomplishments. Having eight highly successful older siblings, and being the weakest of the clan by a long shot, Kurei developed a deeply ingrained competitive complex. Due to the Shuhou's 'Hero's Honor' ideology, Kurei grew up with the knowledge that, in order to amount to anything, one must always succeed in all endeavors, as failure is never an option. Accordingly, Kurei is very driven by ambition, mainly the ambition to be recognized as worthwhile and necessary. This leads her to overworking herself. Sometimes taking on more than she can honestly handle, in order to accommodate or help someone/make herself feel useful, while under-maintaining her heath during these times.

--- Fears ---

One of Kurei's most driving fear is that of becoming useless. Either through some form of injury or someone better than herself coming along. Kurei fears being replaced and, thus, being rendered unnecessary and losing her purpose in life.

Due to past experiences and the constant threat that is mostly likely will happen again, Kurei has developed a substantial sense of claustrophobia. After having been trapped under rubble after the collapse of an aquifer. Kurei is always hyper alert and is generally expecting it to happen again with every mission she undertakes. She also expect she wont be as lucky the second time and fears being incapacitated or debilitated. While she will brave caves and small rooms, you can see tension, like a blanket, wrapped around her as she will become jumpy and stiff to a fault. She gets better with age - and not ending up under collapsed aquifers again.

Related, but no less driving, is the fear of abandonment, Kurei is an extreme extrovert and loves people. To those who earn her trust and respect she becomes deeply attached to and the thought of loosing those people can be physically painful. Abandonment can be through different ways such as an argument which ends a friendship to the extreme: death. 

A clan-ingrained fear is that of being forgotten or not doing enough to leave her mark on the world. She desperately wants to know her presents makes a difference and has meaning and works very hard to carve out a name for herself throughout her life.

Above all else, Kurei fears disappointment and failure. Not so much from herself, as she sees failure as a learning opportunity where you have the change to better yourself and try again. No, she fears failing others and their subsequent disappointment in her. Loosing the faith of those she loves and cares about is her utmost nightmare.


.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Rank: Genin (Part 1) | Mizugame Ryodan Tracker (Timeskip) | Chunin (Timeskip) | Jounin (Ship) | M.R. Supervisor (The Last) | Suna Council Member (Next Generation)

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Ninja Registration: #54-009 

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Affiliation: 
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Classification: 
  • Long to Mid Range - Sensory Type
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Jutsu Style: 
  • Ninjutsu
  • Sensory/Tracking
  • Trap and Ambush Team Dynamics
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Unique Style: Toxic Ninja Art

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Nature Type: 
  • Water Release 水遁 – Suiton (Affinity)
  • Earth Release 土遁 - Doton
  • Yin Release 陰遁 - Inton
  • Yang Release 陽遁 - Yōton
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Missions Completed: 223
  • D-Rank: 38 
  • C-Rank: 89 
  • B-Rank: 83
  • A-Rank: 10
  • S-Rank: 3
The bulk of of Kurei's B-Rank and C-Rank missions come from her work with the Mizugame Ryodan, the large majority of her missions are sanctioned by the Ryodan. 


  • --- Academy Teacher (briefly - Post War) 
    • Sometime after becoming jounin, Kurei and the rest of Team Nine were asked to fill in as temporary teachers during an out door exercise. This seemed easy enough, Kurei and company went to their assigned classrooms with great expectations. Shortly thereafter, all three made their way to the Kazekage office to explain why a portion of the grounds had been set on fire. While Kurei thoroughly enjoyed the experience, she realized a classroom would never be her true calling. 
  • --- Assistant to the Kazekage  
    • An on-again off-again job. During down time, Kurei often makes it a point to help Gaara around the office. Assisting with paperwork and organization and running any errands he needs. It's the job that first brought them into contact for more than an hour at a time and where they spent the most time getting to know one another and bound. While observing some down time during the timeskip, Temari approached Kurei with a proposition. Since the Shuhou girl wanted to be working and not idle, Temari asked her to work with and Kankuro assisting the Kazekage. Gaara, having been in the Kazekage seat for a short while, needed some extra hands on deck and Kurei happily agreed.
  • --- Sunagakure Garden Committee (Genin+)
    • Due to her rare Water Release, Kurei has volunteered her help with irrigation to better insure the conditions of the soil in Sunagakure. She has likewise spent ample time tending to the greenhouses and various produce-growing plots around the village. This is a job introduced to her by her mother, Toge, at a young age and one she continues with into her golden years. 
  • --- Supervisor of Administration, Mizugame Ryodan (As of Chapter 700Z)
    • Due to Kurei's dedication and fine tuned abilities, she becomes a top candidate for the position of supervisor after her long run as an extractor. She took on the job a few years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, and took on a team of genin trainees as well. Kurei settled into the position with gusto and continues to manage the Mizugame Ryodan throughout her golden years. Her youngest daughter, Manami will, likewise, take on a position within the Mizugame Ryodan once she is old enough. (The Mizugame Ryodan: A Guild)
  • --- Sunagakure Advisory Council Member (Next Generation)
    • After several major injuries from her youth begin to cause her trouble, Kurei retires from field work at the behest of her loved ones. With the retirement of one of the council members, a seat opens up and it is offered to Kurei. Humbly, she accepts. Her exceptional intelligence, political prowess, and notoriety in other villages makes her a valued addition to the council. The position as member of the council gave Kurei a way to fill in the gap of shinobi work as well as offering a way to give back to her village and protect the ninja within.




Kurei works as the sniper and eyes of the group. Often, she will take a long-range position in a tree or behind rubble, where she can use her well honed sensory abilities to keep track of her enemies while subsequently providing cover for her allies and teammates. She is, generally speaking, the least physically powerful individual on any given team. So, she is no stranger to the center position of a formation, where she is both the most protected and the most useful. As of her jounin promotion, Kurei is given a leadership position frequently and makes very good use of it. Kurei's knack for understanding a person's attributions and limitation and placing them in a fight accordingly has lead to a great number of successes for the kunoichi.

As she mostly used poison dipped senbon or cacti needles during Part I, Kurei developed dangerous accuracy. Able to effectively hit any key body points of her choosing to instantly kill or sedate a target. Her accuracy has only improved with age and experience, making her a dangerous opponent to face. She has, likewise, shown extremely tune reflexes which, when paired with her superb speed, make it hard to touch Kurei should you find her. This also means her stealth is top notch and, indeed, she likes to use the element of surprise to her advantage. 

Toxic Ninja Art is a subset of Ninjutsu that Kurei started creating when she was a genin. It deals with poisons, of both the natural and chemical variety and are used in conjunction with her sensory techniques. Aside from her Water Release Techniques and her favored Multi-Headed Hydra Technique, Kurei's poisons are often meant to disable and/or track individuals or items. Kurei often makes needle-like structures out of a combination of her chakra and whatever poison she needs to utilize at the time. After injection, the poison will sit, dormant, under the skin of an opponent. Once the injection is successful, Kurei can then track her own chakra and/or the poison within the victim for up to 24 hours. Or she can active the poison and slow down or kill her opponent should the need arise.

This is very helpful when trying to find large groups of nukenin or bandits. Once caught it is also very effective in scaring the crap out of people when she activates whatever toxin she has injected and the group watches their fellows fall paralyzed, spazz as their nerves are shot to hell, trip on a hallucinogenic, or pass cold out. Before revealing herself, Kurei usual has injected most everyone within the area with poison and enjoys the reactions when she announces such to her, now captive, audience. Then, as the brawl starts, she'll disappear into the shadows to provide cover fire and/or dictate directions to her allies.

Daisaku-sensei is a trap and ambush expert and he passed - see drilled - these traits and mentality to his team before he was forced to retire. These traits fit in with Kurei well and allows her to showcase her impressive intellect and tactical prowess, though it also displays her black humor and ruthless disposition.

To help her in her trials with the Kami no Kado, Toge, Kurei's mother, helped her sign a contract with her families Scorpions. Which means, utilizing the Kuchiyose no Jutsu she can summon a variety of scorpions to the battlefield. A few grow as the years run on and become big enough for Kurei and at least three fully grown men to ride. She also contracts with a gaggle of Desert Kangaroo Rats, via the Mizugame Ryodan, who help her search for water and can be used for defense in battle. Usually, however, Kurei uses the scorpions and rats as scouts and they are quite helpful in spying as well. At the beginning, Kurei had a bit of a hard time getting the stubborn scorpions to listen to her and, likewise, had some issues getting the skittish mice to trust her. She also, via the Sunagakure Garden Committee, can summon bees to help pollinate and tend to flowers in the Suna greenhouses/gardens as well as checking out he scroll to use them to help her own, personal collection. 

Kurei has also shown to be quite knowledgeable about herbal remedies, regularly preparing them for her team to help further their training. She has a fair grasp with regards to medicine after spending a substantial amount of time around Dr. Yamawai studying the body and poisons. Kurei has shown a proficiency for antidote creation, even onsite with no prior knowledge of the poison involved. Her antidotes use a mixture of pre-prepared herbs and her own poison-infused blood as a base, as the natural antibodies in her blood can easily break down most foreign toxic substances.


Bullet; Orange Ninjutsu: 2/5
Bullet; Orange Taijutsu: 1/5
Bullet; Orange Genjutsu: 3/5
Bullet; Orange Intelligence: 2.5/5
Bullet; Orange Strength: .5/5
Bullet; Orange Speed: 1.5/5
Bullet; Orange Stamina: 2/5
Bullet; Orange Hand Signs: 3.5/5
Bullet; Orange Total: 16/40

Due to spending 5 years in the hospital with a detrimental blood bacteria, Kurei's endurance and physical strength were very poor. Kurei passed the academic part of her academy life while in the hospital at age 11. Then graduated officially at age 13 by passing a practical applications exam in front of the board of education.

Bullet; Orange Ninjutsu: 2.5/5
Bullet; Orange Taijutsu: 1/5
Bullet; Orange Genjutsu: 3.5/5
Bullet; Orange Intelligence: 3/5
Bullet; Orange Strength: 1/5
Bullet; Orange Speed: 2/5
Bullet; Orange Stamina: 4/5
Bullet; Orange Hand Signs: 3.5/5
Bullet; Orange Total: 20.5/40

Kurei began to train both with her team and her clan. It took a while to get her endurance and speed up, as her body needed much physical rehabilitation. Her focus became sensory techniques and marksmenship, while learning as many of her clan's chakra flow-based abilities as possible. After spending a significant amount of time learning to knead her chakra into shape, Kurei began to apply her Water affinity to it and caught the eye of the Mizugame Ryodan. She really blossomed among the water users and under their tutelage grew impressively as a kunoichi of the sand.

Bullet; Orange Ninjutsu: 4/5
Bullet; Orange Taijutsu: 1.5/5
Bullet; Orange Genjutsu: 3.5/5
Bullet; Orange Intelligence: 4/5
Bullet; Orange Strength: 1.5/5
Bullet; Orange Speed: 4.5/5
Bullet; Orange Stamina: 4/5
Bullet; Orange Hand Signs: 4.5/5
Bullet; Orange Total: 27.5/40

During the two and a half years between Part I and Part II, Kurei's main focus was on the Mizugame Ryodan and her Toxic Ninja Art, using the ladder to help her tackle numerous missions in order to pay back her hospital debts. During the joint chunin exams all but three of the Mizugame ranked-genin members rose to chunin or above, which helped earn the organization more funding and support, overall strengthening it. She spends most of her time training her Toxic Ninja Art techniques, assisting the Kazekage both with paperwork and accompanying him on diplomatic missions, and assisting the Mizugame Ryodan. Just before the start of Part II, Kurei is promoted to Jounin status after successfully negotiating a multifaceted trade for water with her clans sister branch in Shimogakure, which brought forth a greatly needed alliance through a set of very colorful negotiations.

Jounin Rank - 120 points 

Bullet; Orange Strength: 5
Her strength is very poor
Bullet; Orange Constitution: 6
Though she an ingrained immunity to poison, she unfortunately has a severe “Glass Jaw”
Bullet; Orange Stamina: 13
She has an above average amount of chakra, bred for throughout generations by her clan
Bullet; Orange Agility: 17
Gifted, due mostly impart to her very petite stature and slim frame
Bullet; Orange Dexterity: 15
She is a trained markswomen, with a focus on sniping with senbon shooters
Bullet; Orange Intelligence: 15
Decently above average 
Bullet; Orange Wisdom: 14
Kurei would be considered an old soul, she also had a life changing near-death experience as a child
Bullet; Orange Charisma: 18
Major extrovert, with an extensive education which has taught her all about the political field and interpersonal communication
Bullet; Orange Comeliness: 8
She is a healthy ninja, though she does have some scarring across her body and is bit underdeveloped from her illness as a child

Total: 111 (as of the Last)

Bullet; Orange Drawbacks / Flaws
  • --- Physically Weak
  • --- "Glass Jaw"
  • --- Ageusia / Forgets to Eat
  • --- Cannot Tell a Lie
  • --- Fatal Flaw: Ambition
  • --- Hates Being Alone

Bullet; Orange Favored Jutsus

Bullet; Orange Tools

  • --- Large Clay Water Jug
  • --- Daggers w/ concealed poison chamber
  • --- Poison Dipped Kunai
  • --- Poison Tags
  • --- Various Antidotes
  • --- Poison Smoke Bombs
  • --- Shrapnel (Exploding) Tags
  • --- Collapsible Blowgun





Toge Shuhou (Mother) - 46 yrs. Academy Teacher
Saisei Shuou (Father) - 50 yrs. Council Member


Tenousei Shuhou (Paternal Grandfather) - 72 yrs. Clan Patriarch 
Rae Shuhou (Paternal Grandmother - Deceased) - 51 yrs. Civilian
Chatsubo (Maternal Grandfather) - 66 yrs. Former Ninja / Suinomi Saen (Feeding Cup Tea Shop) Accountant
Koucha – (Maternal Grandmother) - 71 yrs. Former Ambassador / Suinomi Saen (Feeding Cup Tea Shop) Owner


Uiiki (Sister) 34 yrs. - Ninja
Fukammu (Sister) - 31 yrs. - Librarian
Mittsukinu (Brother) - 30 yrs. - Civilian / Suinomi Saen waiter 
Yosane (Sister) - 29 yrs. - Ambassador
Itsujijou (Brother) - 26 yrs. - Ninja
Rokukoui (Brother) - 26 yrs. - Ninja
Nanae (Sister) - 24 yrs. - Medical Ninja
Hattoku (Brother) - 22 yrs. - Wind Monk

-- TEAM 9 --

Jinsuishi Daisaku - 39 yrs. - Former Ninja
Hin (Teammate) - 22 yrs. - Ninja / Mizugame Ryodan Bodyguard
Taba (Teammate) – 20 yrs. - Ninja / Mizugame Ryodan Bodyguard


Temari – 23 yrs. - Ninja / Bodyguard of the Kazekage
Gaara (Love Interest) – 19 yrs. - Kazekage
Ran - 18 yrs. - Ninja / Mizugame Ryodan Member
Sari - 19 yrs. - Ninja
Komugi - 29 yrs. - Civilian / Shuhou Retainer 
Hideri - 26 yrs. - Ninja / Mizugame Ryodan Supervisor
Dr. Yamawaki - 54 yrs. - Medical Ninja
Kairu Inoue (george3222) - 20 yrs. - Ninja / Bodyguard of the Kazekage
Verena (Verena-Senpai) - 21 yrs. - Ninja
Ayumi Miharu (Crimson-Kunoichi) - 19 yrs. - Ninja


--- LIFE STORY ---


--- Childhood (Pre-Hospital) ---

--- Hospital and Academia ---

--- Part I ---

--- Toxic Ninja Art Creation ---

--- Genin to Chunin | Timeskip ---

--- Mizugame Ryodan Training ---

--- Chunin l Part II ---

--- Kami no Kado ---

--- Jounin Fourth Shinobi World War ---

--- The Last ---

--- Motherhood ---

--- Chapter 700Z ---



(Feeding Cup Tea Shop)

Tea by luke99877 Kurei's clan, the Shuhou, own and run a Cafe in Sunagakure. They are best known for their signature and unique teas and variety of homemade chips. Kurei sometimes asks around about what people are looking for in tea and flavors they would like to see added to the chips, then brings her finding to her grandmother, Koucha.

Tea by luke99877 Kurei works for the tea shop on-and-off again throughout her life, yet, due to her Ageusia she can't prepare new teas or taste test the chips. However, do to her amiable nature and over all friendly demeanor, she is a favorite hostess and often asked for.

Tea by luke99877 On an ambassadorial mission, Kurei detected poison in the tea served to her and the sand siblings. She quickly turns the tables by blocking the poison up in the tea kettle. Confusing the village leaders as to why the Suna ninja were still alive and kicking.

Tea by luke99877Kurei and her brother, Mittsukinu, often perform little skits on the small platform stage on weekends, which is when Suinomi Saen opens for free and all donations go toward the Sunagakure Orphanage.


Kurei Shippuden Logo by NlKNAK


Dawning Light (GaaRei)
Fandom: Naruto
Character: Gaara and Kurei (CanonxOc)
Summary: Kurei has just returned to Sunagakure after a very taxing mission where knowing only half of the full story is stressing her to her breaking point. Falling asleep on a random roof leads to a very curious encounter with the Kazekage and perhaps the start of something more for both...
Rates: T (mild language and sexual allusions)
Un-beta'd, all mistakes are my own.
This was purely a "stream of conscious" exercise.  Enjoy it for what it is: FLUFF!
Might be a tad confusing, sleep-drunk narrators will do I've heard >.>
Sunset/Sunrise prompt suggested by george3222. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!
Reviews of style and characterization would be nice. 
...the Council is of the opinion that in accordance with the council is of the opinion...
Kurei rubbed her eyes. The dry night air was murder. Well, it was always dry air in Sun
Kurei Bio Data Card by NlKNAK  Infinite Tsukiyomi - KureiFandom: Naruto
Character: Kurei (and various OCs)
Summary: The war has dragged on for too long and finally the inevitable has happened. The Infinite Tsukiyomi has been cast and the ninja fall into a dangerous slumber. Despite a desperate fight against the genjutsu, Kurei succumbs like her fellow shinobi and dreams...
Rates: T (mild course language)
Un-beta'd, all mistakes are my own.
Reviews of style and characterization would be nice~!
The second Naruto's chakra cloak disappeared, ice drained into her stomach. Despite the many ninja still fighting on the field around her, Kurei suddenly felt alone. The extra chakra and protection had given them all an edge and, unfortunately, they had become accustomed to it with in such a short span of time. Now she felt raw, exposed, vulnerable.
"Prepare for the shock!" Someone yelled. The reverberation of the voice cut off suddenly as horrible pressure assulted her sens

:new::new:Edit 8: 10/10/2015 BIG ASS EDIT! I, once again, got to the 64 KB limit for the document size so I needed to take some things out.
- Removed history + New layout for it (though it might not fit afterall)
- Added to the Appearance Section (I really like this!!!)
- Fleshed out Attributions, Limitations (still need some work), and Fears / Added some fun tidbit of like/dislike - need to add more of those
- ABILITIES section added, should answer some questions, I like how this came out!!!
- Stats, lovely stats, the last one is based off this sheet  Naruto: Balanced OC Tutorial
Here is a tutorial on how to create a well balanced original character for the Naruto series.  In this tutorial, I will talk about various abilities, powers and flaws you can use to better flesh out your characters.  This system is borrowed heavily in traditional d20 RPG rules, so if you’ve played games like Dungeons and Dragons before, then some of this will seem familiar.
Please note that this tutorial contains some spoilers in Naruto (if you don't read the manga).
The Abilities: Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Comeliness
To each of the above abilities, you will assign a number value between 1 and 18; however, you can’t have a combined total of more than:
100 Points for Genin Ranks
110 Points for Chuunin Ranks
115 Points for Special Jounin Ranks
120 Points for Jounin Ranks & ANBU Ranks
140 Points for Hokage Ranks
150 Points for Boss Villain Characters
Don’t understand w
 will expound on the flaws at a later date
- Relationships simplified and added to WIP Kurei's Key People (it's under construction so watch your head, hehe).
- Style/Layout changes, added some icons, hr tags, ect
- Changed Wind to Earth cause poison better related to Earth than Wind anyhow!
- Started Adding Trivia, will add more + Quotes if allowed (I'm pretty close to the 64 KB limit again already XD)

Edit 7: 8/18/2015 Reorganized information, added some new headers and such, fleshed out family and added abilities section.

Edit 6: 2/26/15 Added Genin Descriptions

Edit 5: 1/20/15 Added WIP History 

Edit 4: 1/18/15 Added to Summons, features, Coping Mechanisms, and Reputation.

Edit 3: 12/25/14 Added a few details and came to find out that I have reached the limit of 64 KB for this document. Will be moving powers and abilities to a new document where I will put stats and jutsu explanations so it works. 

Edit 2: 12/24/14 Oooookay. Pretty significant overhaul going on. Reworked some of the layout but mostly what I'm stoked about is the Personality and Character Development section. Needs some more work and editing but it turned out so much better, and longer, than I was expecting.

Edit 1: 7/12/14 Changed around the strengths and weakness and edited some wording. Changed ages, some people were worried about the three year age difference, so now it's only three months. Personality has been revamped, explanatory paragraph coming soon. Many of her personality traits contradicted one another, I didn't realize how much so, so I took a hard look at how I really wanted Kurei to be portrayed and picked out the best new traits for the job. Hopefully I did better this time around, haha.

ALSO! Please head over and visit Kurei's FC, we'd love for you to join! :iconkureifc:

Literature, Information, Kurei Shuhou, Layout, and Mentioned Characters © NlKNAK
Kurei Art work © infinitehearts
Gaara © Kishimoto *sadface*

Pretty Watermark Yellow by PeppermentPanda

Please do not use this form in any way. Hours went into creating it and I do not want to see it copied. Thank you for respecting me and my wishes.
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Aw, I'm so happy to hear that. Oh gosh, I'm happy your inspired and I'd love to read that story someday! 
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Oh gosh, thank you. I pour as much into character design and description as I can. 
Fleshing her out has been a joy and really she's come so far since I created her 9 years ago. she started out as most oc's do, a total mary-sue, but she survived and now I'm so proud of her, haha

no worries, you're in good company ^w^ b
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      Aw, thank you so much, I'm so pleased to hear you say that! :heart: And thank you for taking the time to comment, it means a lot!
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